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Today is one of those days. Ya know, the ones where you feel like you worked all day but you don’t actually know if you accomplished anything? Oh right, that’s every day. I can tell you one thing I DID get accomplished: I successfully exported 60 remix stems from “So Long Sentiment” (The only finished song from “Wish Upon a Blackstar” to date.) Why would I prepare remix stems so soon? There are a few reasons, but the most pressing is so I could get them to Toksin so he can get working on a remix. If you haven’t heard his stuff, then you need to. He’ll be doing the first Official remix for “Remixed Upon a Blackstar.”

“Wait, what?!?!”

Oh, right – I haven’t told you about that yet. Forget I mentioned it – go check out Toksin.
— — — —
I’ve been promising for awhile to post details regarding the release of “Wish Upon a Blackstar.” I only announced the title of the album last month. I finally decided how I’m going to release the album right around the time I announced the name of album to you, and have just been waiting for some spare time that never came to actually type it all out. Well, today is the day. I don’t really have spare time, so I decided to bump some Burial and type for awhile – Sesame Street reruns can wait.

I fully embrace the idea of releasing one song at a time. Waiting years for a full album is cool and all, but times have changed. I can wrap a track in my studio and have it blaring out of your speakers literally the next day if so desired. I had some specific reasons i was planning on releasing WUaB as a full body of work, but I abandoned that a long time ago when i embraced just how much work I’ve created for myself with this album. I just don’t totally feel right about releasing 1 song at a time for this album but I have no intentions of waiting til I’m done with the whole thing either. So, I’m releasing the album in Chapters.

Here’s how I’m planning on it going down: I will release 5 chapters for this album. 2 songs per chapter x 5 chapters = 10 songs. What’s got me more into this idea is I’m bringing Sam Hayles from Dose Productions on board for the album art. (He gave us the artwork for “Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head Vol 01” and FiXT is manufacturing original clothing designs from Dose Prod)

Sam will be creating an original piece of art for each chapter. The fifth and final chapter will be reserved for the CD, so both the artwork and the 2 remaining songs will be released for the first time on the physical CD. I can say more, but I know I’ll just get myself in trouble, so I’ll pretend I flapped my gums enough for right now. I’ll bring you more details as they unfold though – promise.

For now here are the tracks for Chapter 1 of “Wish Upon a Blackstar

So Long Sentiment
Louder Than Words

I’m all typed out and this Burial album is almost over so I’m calling it a night. I came up with an idea based around all of your comments and suggestions to name my “Q&A;” Klogs. We just need to do a little more sifting and I’ll make an announcement here later this week regarding a winner etc.

Here I am: Rock me like a hurricane