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I need an ear break, so I’ll let my typing fingers carry some of the load while my ears take a nap. Today was a good day as far as music is concerned. Had a breakthrough on my remix last night/this morning (which usually just bleeds together with a few hours of something called “attempted sleep” in between.) I think I *may* have my remix of BT’s “Suddenly” wrapped as early as tomorrow. Then I get back to wishing upon a blackstar, y’all…

I threw up a screen grab for you of the remix session. It’s still a total mess and you’re only seeing half the tracks on the screen. I shrunk the track size as small as it would let me, but there is still another 40-50 tracks of “Klaytanic destruction” you can’t see. Sorry if any of you get hit with a knarly case of blue balls due to the lack of any real information, but when i get back to “Wish Upon a Blackstar” I’ll be doing little tutorial videos and screen grabs galore. There are some really cool companies making some really cool hardware & software and it would be downright selfish for me to invest my entire life into gathering this information and not sharing it. You may be asked to share something in return, but I really have no idea what to ask for. You guys are creative, you decide.

Go join my Twitter page. <---- doesn't that seem random? Ok, I’m going to go stick my head between some speakers for another 8-10 hours. I hope I don’t fall asleep at work again – my drool keeps shorting out my keyboards. [Klayton] [-_-]