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Made it home and glad to be on US soil and sleeping in my own bed. My cat Stutter is pretty happy I’m sleeping in my own bed too bc now he has someone’s face to rest his paw on at 7 in the morning. Stimpy said it best when he said “Joy…”

I mentioned in this post that Jimmy Rhodes would be posting my FiXT Spotlight feature on Monday, which happened to be today. I forgot to add a list of Hardware & Software I use, so it got delayed a day. I’m typing that info up tonight and the Spotlight Feature will go live tomorrow. I spent almost all 6 hours of my plane ride to Lima, Peru last week answering as many of your other questions as I could. I plan on trying to post a few answers a week right here, so be patient and the answer to that question you may have been longing to know will eventually be answered… maybe.

So as I type away, I will leave with one of Peru’s hidden treasures – I stumbled across it while excavating some ancient Incan Ruins. Yes you’re seeing it right – a heart shaped urinal cake. (I think Nirvana wrote a song about this presumably mythical object.) It’s a very rare find indeed and I feel privileged and honored to be known as the archeologist to discover it. I shall be remembered and revered down through the ages for my find and I invite you to share in the celebration with me:



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  • samulei

    Gotta say something about the Sphere article, which was awesome btw.

    I got stunned by the movie idea you mentioned ’cause that would be by all means brilliant! Just the idea of combining songs (for example) from the debut, The Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head and the upcoming album Wish Upon a Blackstar, and
    creating a short movie from them with stunning visuals of course..
    That would be.. Well out of this world.. 🙂
    And dude. You mentioned coming to Europe..
    Where to go? Come to Finland! 😀 But seriously,
    I wouldn’t mind traveling to US if you’d be a doing a live show. o.O
    (If only I had the money for it..)


  • Dan

    Urinal cakes are so misleading… they don’t taste anything like cake.

  • Jacob N

    Aww, Stutter. Now I miss my cats. 🙁

  • Michał

    does it taste strawberry?

  • Clairabel

    Just read the article in Sphere – I hold you to coming over to the UK! I know I can't be the only one who'd come and see you.

    I hope you come to Birmingham – we're so much cooler than London, and we have the best places to shop!

    >.< xxxxx

  • kcell10


  • oddfandango

    lawl. Well said D.
    Glad you had a safe trip back, along with the thrilling discovery, Klay! I wish I had something more interesting to say, but I lack functional humor atm lol (enter random knock-knock joke here I guess). Looking forward to your multimedia goodie-bag from Peru :).

  • D.

    Well, the Titanic had the Heart of the Ocean or whatever, you now have discovered the fabled Heart of the… Sewage? The other archaeologists are all jealous! They will now be forced by polite society to exonerate you for poking peruvian butts! You wily scoundrel! Triumphant at last!

  • Elisabeth

    cool artifact… did it really taste like strawberry?

  • mayvix

    cool just finshed reading you interveiw with i line that up tommorow aswell.nice to hear your cat happy to see you though it only made me miss my cat doing that.oh and pending you read this.asume you used a laptop to answers Q&A; how you get it to last six hours.I could turn my on the lowest setting and it'd probally still be haif dead after an hour.yeah it's a PC cause MACs are kinda expensives.

  • orijimi

    Does it work with the plastic on?