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So much for suspense. I’ve had this album named for over a year now and I’m still not totally sure what I was waiting for. I guess i can celebrate finishing the first song by making this announcement. (it’s only so I can make myself feel better about waiting to tell you for this long.)

I’m thinking about only pressing “Wish Upon a Blackstar” on cassette and 8-track – ya know, the vintage feel. Even if I don’t, at least we can all visualize what the cassette would look like. (Go make your own cassette for your next album here.)

I will have more details on how I’ll be releasing Wish Upon a Blackstar in the next week or so. Remember that I’ll be finally disclosing details about the remix I’m working on this Wednesday, so come back and hang out. (If you look at the bottom of your browser you should see a little “Google Friend Connect” bar. You can use your aim, google login or Open ID etc to create a user account here. Do it!!! Do it now!!!!)

I apologize for all those commenting on the time zone difference. I will always try to post earlier when there is something bigger to announce if I can.

Well, I feel much better getting the album title off my chest and onto yours. Catch up with you guys soon.