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Jesus, Me & Detroit Power

Hi. I’ve been keeping myself really busy just so I have something to talk about in my Klogs. Actually it’s more like, I haven’t been Klogging much bc I’ve been keeping myself really busy. Well it’s Easter Sunday and I’m sitting on my couch hanging onto the last bit of juice left in my laptop battery. You see, Jesus was pretty busy on Easter morning 2000+ years ago being resurrected and consequently I’m thinking He wanted to be sure that I didn’t spend my entire Easter day working as I had originally planned. So I’m pretty sure He had Detroit Power cut electricity to my whole neighborhood yesterday afternoon, and It’s still down as I type. They ‘estimate’ it will be on sometime Monday (I’d call Jesus to confirm, but my phone is dead.) I had to go out and get a few Cadbury eggs and a Reeseter bunny for breakfast this morning  bc I’m sure the expired milk and 2 eggs i’ve had in my fridge for the last 6 months are definitely spoiled at this point bc the fridge isn’t working. That’ll teach me not to appreciate the Lord’s Resurrection – touche Jesus, touche.

Wish Upon a Blackstar-Chapter 03

Many of you are asking for Chapter 03 updates. I have a few. For starters I’ve decided for logistical reasons to swap the order of the songs. Originally Chapter 03 was going to be “The Lucky One” and “I Can’t Wait.” I’ve decided to hold off on “I Can’t Wait” and replace that with “Tainted.” A large part of the reason is bc I’ve already cut drums and guitars for “Tainted.” This means I’m much closer to getting that song finished and ultimately that much closer to finishing Chapter 03. “I Can’t Wait” is a beast of a track and there is a lot to do on it. So the good news is that as of now, It looks like I’ll be cutting more guitars and bass for “The Lucky One” and “Tainted” next week. Of course this meant I had to update the lyrics for the “Artwork submissions” as well.

I’m going to try as soon as possible to put together a system to get you guys to contribute your voices to “The Lucky One.” I will most likely upload a piece of the song so you know what you’ll be singing/screaming/moaning/laughing over. Anyone whose recording I end up using (I anticipate it will be many of you) will get name credit in the Chapter 03 artwork too – Then you can show your boss how famous you are and demand a frickin’ raise.

Soundtrack For the Voices in My Head 02-Chapter 01

Although I’ve barely mentioned it publically, this has been underway for awhile with me just working on pieces in random chunks of time that I manage to clear up. You’ve already heard a snippet of a 20 minute ambient piece “Adrift on Celestial Seas” on my first Fixtape Mixtape (free download here.)  I am also working on a track with Jim Dooley, that we’re both pretty excited about. I have another sorta-heavy track already final mixed & done. Maybe I’ll even give the song a name someday soon too?

I’m anticipating a 4-6 song chapter, complete with Beta Cessions content and all. I’ll keep you updated on it’s details and release info when we get closer to that being a reality.

Celldweller Tour

It’s happening. I already have dates booked as early as September 5th here in the U.S. so I better get my ass in gear. We have requests currently coming in from Japan, Scotland, Ukraine and more. I’ll say again officially – If you want me to play in your area then have a good promoter booking good dates contact management and get the ball rolling.

The biggest part of the Live Show news is that I’ve changed a major element of how i was going to perform. I’ve mentioned a few times that I have only been planning on going out as a 3 piece – Me, Myself and I. I just felt like we could handle the job and i didn’t want to deal with anyone else besides us 3. I mean, the 3 of us barely get along as it is… After some deliberation and projection into the future I’ve decided instead to go out as a 4 piece – Me, Myself, I and Bret (Blue Stahli.) No, I don’t mean I’m taking Blue Stahli to open for Celldweller – I mean, Bret will be performing with me as “Celldweller Live.” This makes things so much easier for the 3 of us bc Me, Myself and I can offload all the work and responsibility to him and can just sit around the pool sipping mango smoothies with hot girls while he sets up all the gear,  performs and breaks down the gear. I love it. (so does Me and Myself.) I’m not 100% certain, but i thought I saw a tear drip surreptitiously from his eye when I told asked him to be “the other dude in Celldweller Live.” I still am not sure if it was from excitement or fear. I guess you can ask him yourself.

A typical day for the last few weeks has been work, work, work from morning till around 9 PM. At that point Bret and I hole up in my studio and brainstorm and work on tracks for the show. The entire show will be a “Klash-Up” of anything I’ve ever done that I still possibly might care about. That actually doesn’t leave much besides Celldweller and maybe something from my Circle of Dust days. (Anyone want to hear “Refractor” reborn for 2010? I kinda do.) I’ve got 5 or 6 pieces started and mostly fleshed out already, including all new interpretations of Fadeaway, I Believe You, The Best It’s Gonna Get and The Last Firstborn. Beyond that, Bret and I have been tag-teaming on tracks like Frozen and Switchback. I have so many conceptual ideas that I want to realize in this live show, that I’m hoping I have the time to get it all done before September. There will be updates coming, so stand by and go hit up a reputable promoter you may or may not know and tell them they should bring Celldweller into town.

Video Game Theme

Again, I have to keep referring to this “Main Theme to an upcoming-pretty-big-game” with the generic “Video Game Theme” title bc i’m not allowed to tell you what the game is until it’s out. The good news is, it’s almost done. I’ve recruited the talented and often-times flatulent Grant Mohrman to mix the track. We started mixing yesterday, so the end draweth nigh. Hip-hip Hooray! (i never really understood that saying, but it just *felt* appropriate.)

General Midi & Matt Darey Remixes

I’ve been waiting to announce this, and now that I know it’s official I’m going to announce it…. uh, Officially. Remember “4 MIllion Ways” from my Fixtape Mixtape?? (Free download here) Well i told you there was more to the story. The story is that General Midi is in the process of remixing “The Lucky One” for “Remixed Upon a Blackstar” and I will be remixing “4 Million Ways” for General Midi. I’ve already hashed out a few ideas and will keep you updated on the status of both mixes as I have info to share.

I’ve recently been approached by Matt Darey to remix his track “Chase the Sun.” He’s been spinning the hell out of my remix of BT’s “Suddenly” on his Nocturnal podcast and Sirius radio show. In fact download Episode 236 of his podcast here for free, where his first track up is my “Suddenly” remix. i’ve got a beautiful female vocal to work with for “Chase the Sun” and I’ve turned it into a mean electro-house track (so far.) Big guitars in the chorus and some live drums sprinkled throughout. I’ll keep you guys updated on this remix, as I plan on finishing this up in the next few weeks.


Hands tired and bloody from typing…. battery almost dead… must eat more cadbury eggs…. can’t use pronouns….