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Hi. Here’s the story: I found an app i wanted for my iPad, so when i finally crashed into bed one night last week, i decided to mess around with it. Although I just used a crappy iphone headset to record my voice and the app is only able to spit out a super low bitrate MP4 file, I thought it was cool. So i decided right on the spot to create something for YOU (with Stutter the Studio Production Manager laying next to me, cringing as i howled.)

Celldweller - Mother's Arms
(Right Click & Save As)

I made up lyrics and a melody and recorded an idea in one shot. I then took it into Pro Tools to add a few FX and now it’s yours. Maybe someone will create a downtempo or dubstep track with it, or maybe it will nurse your dying plant back to health (or send your healthy plant to it’s imminent death.) Either way, it is a simple gesture of my gratitude for those of you that care and have been caring about the things i do – this is for you.

As a bonus, I’ve included the cover art for the upcoming Celldweller “Cellout EP 01.” This will have studio mixes of my live versions of “Frozen (Celldweller vs Blue Stahli),” “Own Little World (Klayton’s We Will Never Die Mix),” and “The Best It’s Gonna Get vs Tainted.” (Cover art image by Acme Pixel Movers and layed out by Endings Studio.

Hope you enjoy ‘Mother’s Arms’ as much as I enjoyed simply creating it. Looking forward to seeing many of you on the road next year, as well as releasing “Wish Upon a Blackstar” in it’s entirety.

I am like a child in my mother’s arms
I am like a child in my mother’s arms
Don’t cry for me because this is where I want to be
I am like a child in my mother’s arms



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    Iā€™m having a small issue I cannot make my reader pick up your feed, Iā€™m using google reader by the way.

  • Androu1

    The sad truth… the sad truth…

  • Glaouw

    Oh I can linsten to this over and over again. Perfect as a lullaby ^_^

  • BessVangel


  • Juliasb92

    Merry Christmas, Klayton!

  • Emeraldthane

    It's nice and floaty, nice.

  • Emeraldthane

    Yep, it is screaming for a variety of versions. I think someone needs to do a Neurosis like rendition.

  • Brent Cybertron

    i still want those glasses :{D

  • Blinding.

    Would be a Great intro to a Mad Industrial Screamo hybrid too

  • Tsuki-pon

    I appreciate yo giving back to the fans ā™„
    And this song is great, makes me wish my mom was still alive.

  • Finalprison

    On It šŸ™‚

  • Ace of Tunes

    That would make a great intro to a trip-hop song. ……Just a suggestion.

  • Graham Ritter

    I can't resist a challenge. šŸ˜€

  • Savannah Bone

    Awwwwww Klay you've done it yet again. Thanks so much for the gifts. Gifts? Yes I said gifts. You not only gave us a song/melody but you also gave me some much needed inspiration and all I can say is thank you so much!

  • alexa