“Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” (Paramount) “Earth Scraper”
“Real Steel” (DreamWorks)”The Wings of Icarus”
“In Time” (Fox) “Heart Break”
“Premium Rush” (Columbia) “Animatronic”
“The Bleeding” (Safehouse Pictures) “Subterra”

“Daybreakers” (Lion’s Gate) “Through The Gates”
“Ninja Assassins” (Warner Bros.) “Ursa Minor”
“Faster” (TriStar Pictures) “Suddenly” (Celldweller Remix)
“The Surrogates” (Touchstone) “Ursa Minor”
“More Than A Game” (Lion’s Gate) “Animatronic”
“X-Men Trilogy (Blu-Ray)” (20th Century Fox) “Ursa Minor”
“Race To Witch Mountain” (Disney) “Birthright”
“The Spirit” (Lion’s Gate) “Solaris”
“Iron Man” (Marvel / Paramount) “Birthright”
“Speed Racer” (Warner Bros.) “Birthright”
“Spider-man 3” (Columbia/Sony) “Birthright”
“Spider-man 2” (Columbia/Sony) “Switchback”
Jimmy Johns Subs Commercial – “Switchback”
“The Last Legion” (The Weinstein Company) “Birthright”
“CSI” (CBS) Superbowl Commercial “Switchback”
“CSI” (CBS) “Symbiont” & “The Stars of Orion”
“Superman Returns” (Warner Bros.) “Goodbye” (Klayton Revision)
“Redline” (Indie) “Shapeshifter”
“Silent Hill” (Sony) “Goodbye” (Klayton Revision)
“Doom” (Universal) “Switchback”
“Mr. & Mrs. Smith” (Fox) “I Believe You”
“Catwoman” (Warner Bros.) “Switchback”
“Supercross” (Fox) “Fadeaway,” “I Believe You”
“The Punisher” (Lion’s Gate) “Switchback”
“Constantine” (Warner Bros.) “Frozen”
“Paycheck” (Dreamworks) “Switchback”
“Timeline” (Paramount) “I Believe You”
“Bad Boys 2” Featurettes/Making Of (Sony) “Switchback”
“National Security” TV Spots (Sony) “Switchback”
“Profiles from the Front Lines” (Bruckheimer Prod/ABC) “Stay With Me (Unlikely)”


Death Race 2 (Moonlighting Films) Multiple songs.
“The Hills Have Eyes 2” (Atomic Fox) “Own Little World” (Remorse Code Remix) [End Title Theme]
“Lonely Girl” ( 3 Songs
“Redline” (Indie) “Shapeshifter”
“Mindhunters” (Dimension – starring Val Kilmer, LL Cool J) “So Sorry to Say”
“Out for a Kill” (Independent) “Switchback,” “Unlikely (Stay With Me),” “Welcome to the End,” “Frozen” and “The Last Firstborn”
“Hellraiser: Hellworld” “Stay With Me (Unlikely)” and “Frozen”
“Bring it On Again” (Universal) “Switchback”
“Kart Racer” (Independent) “Switchback” and “Unlikely (Stay With Me)”
“Takedown” (Miramax) “Symbiont”
“Cutaway” (Artisan) “Symbiont” and “Kemikal”
“Repli-Kate” (Independent – starring Ali Landry) “Stay With Me (Unlikely)”
“Python” (Independent) “Own Little World”
“21” (Independent) “Symbiont”

Video Games:
“Assassins Creed 2” (Ubisoft) “Earth Scraper”
“Dead Rising 2” (CapCom) “Kill The Sound,” “The Best It’s Gonna Get”
“Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X. 2” (Ubisoft) “Ursa Minor”
“Forza 3” (Microsoft) “Solaris”
“Baja 1000” (Activision) “Through The Gates”
“Mx vs. ATV 2008” (THQ) “Shapeshifter”
“Dance Dance Revolution Supernova 2” (Konami) “Beginning Of The End”
“The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift” (Namco) “Goodbye” (Klayton Revision)
“Need For Speed: Most Wanted” (Electronic Arts) “One Good Reason” and “Shapeshifter”
“Project Gotham Racing 3” (Microsoft) “Switchback”
“Crackdown” (Microsoft) “So Sorry To Say,” “Frozen,” “The Last Firstborn,” “Afraid This Time,” “Fadeaway”
“Enter the Matrix” (Infogrames) “Switchback” and “Symbiont”
“XGRA” (Acclaim) “Own Little World,” “The Last Firstborn,” “One Good Reason,” and “The Stars of Orion”
“Test Drive Off Road: Wide Open” (Infogrames) “Own Little World”
“NHL Hockey 2003” (Electronic Arts) “Stay With Me (Unlikely)” and “Switchback”
“Road Rash – Jailbreak” (Electronic Arts) “Symbiont”
“Rallisport Challenge 2” (XBOX) “Symbiont”
“Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel” (Interplay) “Stay With Me (Unlikely)” and “The Last Firstborn”

CD Soundtracks:
The Hills Have Eyes 2 Official Motion Picture Soundtrack – “Own Little World” (Remorse Code Remix)

The Gates (ABC) “Frozen”
“American Idol” (Fox) “Through The Gates”
“Criss Angel Mindfreak” (A&E) “Frozen”
“NFL” “Own Little World”

“Vampire Diaries” (CW) “Frozen”
“NCIS” (CBS) “Stay With Me (Unlikely)” and “The Last Firstborn”
“UFC 73: Countdown” (Spike) “Fadeaway” and “Goodbye”
“WrekCage” (VS.) “Switchback” [Theme]
“WCG Ultimate Gamer” (SyFy) “Pursuit of the Hunted,” “Solaris,” “Switchback,” “Through The Gates”
“Dirt” (F/X) “Welcome To The End” and “Switchback”
“Without A Trace” (TNT) “One Good Reason”
“The Shield” (F/X) “Own Little World”
“Friday Night Lights” (NBC) “Shapeshifter”
“Stupid Face” (Fuel TV) “I Believe You”
“Winter X-Games” (ESPN) “Tragedy”
“One Tree Hill” (WB) “Switchback”
“Dirt” (F/X) “Welcome To The End”
“Wildfire” (ABC) “Frozen”
“Salem’s Lot” (TNT) “Stay With Me” (Unlikely)
“America’s Next Top Model” (UPN) “Welcome To The End,” “Switchback,” “Frozen,” and “The Stars of Orion”
“Punk’d” (MTV) “Switchback,” “The Last Firstborn,” and “Frozen”
“Pimp My Ride” (MTV) “One Good Reason,” “Symbiont,” “Switchback,” “Under My Feet,” “Frozen”
“Date My Mom” (MTV) “Beginning Of The End”
“Out of Order” (Showtime) “Frozen”
“Augusta, Gone” (Lifetime) “Afraid This Time,” “One Good Reason,” “Welcome To The End,” “Stay With Me”
“Veritas” (ABC) “Switchback”
“Miracles” (ABC) “One Good Reason”
“Black Sash” (WB) “Switchback”
“The Twilight Zone” (UPN) “Stay With Me (Unlikely)” and “I Believe You”
“Beggars & Choosers” (Showtime) “The Beginning of the End”
“The Chris Isaak Show” (Showtime) “Kemikal”
“The Road to Iron Man” (NBC) “Fadeaway” and “Frozen”
“Wrecked” (ESPN) “Symbiont”
“Higher Ground” (Fox) “The Beginning of the End”
“Tough Enough 3” (MTV) “Switchback,” “Under My Feet,” “Stay With Me (Unlikely),” “Frozen,” “The Last Firstborn and “One Good Reason”
“Battle of the Sexes” (MTV) “Stay With Me (Unlikely)”
“Real World” (MTV) various
“Road Rules” (MTV) various
“MTV Cribs – How To Live Like a Rock Star” (MTV) various
“Making the Video” (MTV) various
“Undressed” (MTV) various
“Rodman World Tour” (MTV) various
“The Road Home” (MTV) various
“Live Through This” (MTV) various
“Surf Girls” (MTV) various
“MTV Sports” Theme song & Various Cues
The Surf Channel “The Beginning of the End”
“LG Sports Championships” (Fox Sports Net) various
“Roswell Season 3” (Fox Home Video) “Switchback”

“Xombie” ( “Switchback”
“Let It Ride” (Snowboarding Video) “Switchback”
“Oversize” (Rossignol Ski Video) “Stay With Me (Unlikely)”
“Bandit” (Rossignol Ski Video) “Switchback”
Divinci Bikes Video “Symbiont”
“Scrubs of the South” (Independent) “Switchback,” “Stay With Me (Unlikely),” “Own Little World,” “Under My Feet”